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Best things to do at the University of Minnesota

18 August 20234 min read

Best Things To Do At The University of Minnesota: A Blend of Culture, Nature, and Excitement

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Nestled in the heart of Minnesota, the University of Minnesota stands as a beacon of academic excellence, cultural enrichment, and recreational opportunities. With its historic beginnings dating back to 1851, the university has evolved into a vibrant hub for students, locals, and visitors alike. From world-class museums to picturesque trails, here’s a curated guide to experiencing the best that the University of Minnesota has to offer.

1. Weisman Art Museum: Where Art Comes to Life Stepping into the Weisman Art Museum is like entering a realm of creativity and expression. This architectural marvel hosts an extensive collection of more than 80,000 artworks that span various mediums and cultures. From classical paintings to contemporary sculptures, the museum offers a kaleidoscope of human artistic achievement.

Weisman Art Museum: Where Art Comes to Life

Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota

2. Mississippi River Trail: A Serene Escape For nature enthusiasts and fitness aficionados, the Mississippi River Trail beckons with its picturesque 12-mile route. Whether you’re walking or cycling, the trail treats you to panoramic views of the iconic Mississippi River and the bustling cityscape. It’s an ideal way to connect with nature while enjoying the rhythm of city life.

Mississippi River Trail: A Serene Escape

Mississippi River Trail, University of Minnesota

3. TCF Bank Stadium: Roaring Excitement The roar of the crowd, the thrill of the game – at TCF Bank Stadium, you can experience the electric atmosphere of college football. The Golden Gophers’ home turf is a must-visit for sports enthusiasts, where the excitement of the game is contagious and the camaraderie of fellow fans is unforgettable.

TCF Bank Stadium: Roaring Excitement

TCF Bank Stadium, University of Minnesota

4. Minnesota Landscape Arboretum: Nature’s Symphony Escape the urban hustle and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Amidst 1,200 acres of diverse flora, you can explore hiking trails, encounter a vibrant Japanese garden, and witness the beauty of native prairies. It’s a sanctuary of natural wonders waiting to be discovered.

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum: Nature's Symphony

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, University of Minnesota

5. Northrop: Cultural Kaleidoscope From captivating concerts to riveting plays, the Northrop Performing Arts Center offers a diverse array of cultural experiences. This venue is a hub for creativity and artistic expression, hosting a wide range of events that cater to music lovers, theater enthusiasts, and dance aficionados alike.

Northrop, University of MinnesotaOpens in a new window Northrop, University of Minnesota

Northrop, University of Minnesota

6. Mariucci Arena: Icebound Adventures When winter blankets the campus, Mariucci Arena becomes a haven for ice skating enthusiasts. Open to the public during the colder months, the arena offers a chance to glide across the ice just like the Golden Gophers hockey teams do during their thrilling matches.

Mariucci Arena, University of Minnesota

7. James Ford Bell Museum of Natural History: A Journey Through Time Step into the James Ford Bell Museum of Natural History and embark on a captivating journey through the ages. With a remarkable collection of over 2 million artifacts, including fossils, minerals, and cultural relics, this museum offers insights into Earth’s history and human civilization.


James Ford Bell Museum of Natural History, University of Minnesota

8. The Mall: Where Community Thrives The heart of the campus beats on the grassy expanse known as The Mall. It’s a vibrant gathering spot where students and visitors alike come together to enjoy picnics, games, and the simple pleasures of outdoor leisure. A frisbee match or a quiet picnic – the choice is yours.

The Mall: Where Community Thrives

Mall, University of Minnesota

9. Como Park Zoo and Conservatory: A World of Wildlife Just a short distance from campus, the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory beckons with its captivating blend of animal encounters and lush botanical wonders. With over 400 species from across the globe, it’s a family-friendly destination that offers both education and entertainment.

Explore the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, Universit

As you delve into the treasures of the University of Minnesota, you’ll be walking in the footsteps of notable alumni who have left an indelible mark on the world. From former Minnesota governor Mark Dayton to the enigmatic musician Bob Dylan, the university’s influence extends far beyond its campus borders.

In summary, the University of Minnesota presents a tapestry of experiences that seamlessly blend academic rigor, artistic expression, and natural beauty. Whether you’re a student, a local resident, or a curious traveler, the university welcomes you to explore its rich tapestry of culture, history, and excitement.

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