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Online Store Optimization

Online Store Optimization

Maximize your DoorDash, UberEats, and GrubHub sales while minimizing the commission

The Restaurant Industry Isn't Easy.....


Optimizing your online stores can be the difference between making $1,000s vs $100,000s per year through online orders. In the restaurant industry that’s the difference between closing shop and building a thriving local establishment.

Increase Sales

We increase sales by doing everything from photography to optimize your DoorDash page to SEO for your website. This will make your business more money no doubt, but these platforms are still take a huge commission so we help you decrease the amount you pay to 3rd party platforms too.

Decrease Commissions

Not only can we dramatically increase your sales, but we can improve your margins by setting up your storefront link (commission free delivery and pick up orders) and driving traffic to your storefront link through SEO, social media, and other proprietary methods.

Our Results

In our first month working with Liido (and their first month on UberEats) we took them from $43 in UberEats sales to $1,000s in sales. Furthermore, in our very first month working with Red Sea we got them 154 new customers, and increased their revenue 40.09% to help them achieve record breaking DoorDash sales. We won’t only help you survive, we’ll help you thrive in modern competitive landscape.

What does this cost?

We give you flexibility to do a one-time upfront payment of $6,000 (best value), $700 a month for 12 months ($8,400 total), or almost entirely performance based ($300 set-up fee + monthly sales commission).