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Quest of the Month: April

Welcome to the First Official Quest of the Month

Starting Point: The Hidden Falls down by the River at Father Hennepin Bluff Park

Located down below Father Hennepin Bluff Park is the secluded and lesser known attraction near the Stone Arch Bridge. This is the starting point of this months Quest! 

The Adventure Begins

After you explore that area venture up to Asters Cafe, relax and grab a drink. Talk to the bartender. Who knows what kind of recommendations they may have for you.

A Fork in the Path

If the bartender at Aster does not have a good recommendation within walking distance then take a stroll across the Stone Arch. Walk all the way to Gold Medal Park and go up the walking path to the top of the hill.

Take In the Views

The journey is the reward, but if that’s not good enough for you then stand by the corner tree and try to replicate this picture, take a selfie (by yourself or with your Quest companions), and post the pictures to your account to win a surprise reward!

Picture to replicate: 

One Last Spot

Lastly, checkout the Yellow room in the Guthrie Theater and see a nice yellow colored view of the city. 

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