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What is Quest AI?

What Can Quest AI Do?

What is Quest AI?

Quest AI is a custom LLM (Large Language Model) built on GPT-4 (Premium Version) and GPT-3.5 (Free version). The customizations are to give Twin Cities residents and visitors suggestions on things to do in the Twin Cities. This includes restaurant and bar recommendations and even recommendations for specific meals at any restaurant in the Twin Cities. 

It works stellar for the most part, but you should always check the info as sometimes it can be outdated or incorrect, but we work to make sure that it’s accurate and as up to date as possible. 

While we’ve configured it to have additional capabilities for the Twin Cities, our AI is much more powerful than just a recommendation system. It can help you with almost any knowledge related task that you can imagine. Need help with your homework? No problem. Need something done for work? No problem. Need a personalized diet designed for your exercise goals? No problem. The limits of what Quest AI can help you with is only limited to your imagination. 

Some of the top things I use it for personally (besides finding places to eat at) is business planning, feature design and execution, learning, and learning about history.


Here are some of the major use cases:

– Trip planning

– Deal of the day 

– Meal recommendations

– Date recommendations 

– Planning girl’s/guy’s night out

– Finding places for a nice walk (especially during sunrise, or sunset)

– Quests 


There is so much more that it can be used for and we’re excited to see all the innovative or simple ways that customers use Quest AI to improve their lives!