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Embark on an epic journey at The Escape Game Minneapolis, where you’re the protagonist of an exciting quest! Here’s the drill: Collaborate with your squad to uncover hints, crack puzzles, and accomplish a mission. Success hinges on collective effort, effective communication, sharp intellect, an adventurous spirit, and, crucially, your active participation!

Choose from five captivating escapades—you might play the role of a secret agent on a mission to retrieve a purloined masterpiece, or an inmate wrongly imprisoned, plotting an escape. Upon arrival, a committed guide will escort you to your selected challenge and offer assistance as necessary. You’re on the clock—60 minutes to conquer your chosen quest and make your getaway.

Regardless of the game you select, stay sharp and concentrated: you have a mere 60 minutes to make your escape. Once you and your team triumph, you’ll find yourselves at the Mall of America, perfectly situated to continue the celebration with some delicious food.

The Escape Game is an excellent choice for families, friends, couples, and teams looking for a unique, enjoyable, and different experience. Operating Hours: Every day of the week, from 8:00 AM to 11:30 PM.

Happy Hour offers at Axel’s River Grille – Mendota

Nestled in the historic heart of Mendota, Axels River Grille stands as a beacon of fine dining, offering an exquisite selection of American dishes. Housed in the iconic building that once was the Parker House, a renowned establishment that graced the Twin Cities for six decades, Axels River Grille has become the crown jewel of the Axels Family of Restaurants. It’s not just a meal; it’s an experience where every visit weaves a tapestry of lasting memories and traditions.

Menu Highlights:

  • Dinner
  • Lunch
  • Happy Hour


Happy Hour Delights:

Available Times:

  • Sunday to Tuesday: 4:00 PM – 8:30 PM
  • Wednesday to Friday: 4:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Special Offers (Valid 3 PM – 6 PM):

  • Savor our selection of appetizers for just $7.
  • Receive a $2 discount on your favorite cocktails, wines, and beers.

Join us on multiple dates for an enjoyable happy hour experience. Please note that the special pricing is exclusive to the hours between 3 PM and 6 PM.

Minneapolis Eateries: Where Food Meets Music


1. Giulia

Location: 215 S 4th St, Minneapolis, MN 55401 Phone: (612) 215-5450

Giulia, nestled in Downtown Minneapolis, transports you to Northern Italy with its exquisite cuisine. Picture this: candlelit tables, aromatic flavors, and live music filling the air. Whether it’s a romantic date night or a lively gathering with friends, Giulia sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience.

Hell’s Kitchen Inc.

2. Hell’s Kitchen Inc.

Location: 80 S 9th St, Minneapolis, MN 55402 Phone: (612) 332-4700

Hell’s Kitchen Inc. isn’t your ordinary breakfast joint. It’s a funky, vibrant space where locals gather for hearty meals and creative cocktails. The weekend brunch here is legendary, and live music adds an extra layer of fun. Don’t miss their signature Bloody Mary—it’s a meal in itself!

Aster Cafe

3. Aster Cafe

Location: 125 SE Main St, Minneapolis, MN 55414 Phone: (612) 379-3138

Aster Cafe sits by the Mississippi River, its outdoor seating shaded by trees. Imagine sipping wine, watching the water flow, and listening to soulful tunes. This cozy spot is perfect for a first date or a quiet evening with friends. The inventive menu and candle-lit ambiance make it a must-visit.

The Loop

4. The Loop

Location: 606 Washington Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55401 Phone: (612) 340-0010

The Loop in the North Loop neighborhood is where good food meets good vibes. Their Friday and Saturday nights come alive with live music starting at 10:00 PM. Grab a seat, order some comfort food, and let the rhythm carry you away. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a busy week.

Gluek’s Restaurant & Bar

5. Gluek’s Restaurant & Bar

Location: 16 N 6th St, Minneapolis, MN 55403 Phone: (612) 338-6621

Gluek’s proudly wears the badge of being the oldest restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. Step into its European Beer Hall atmosphere and enjoy generous portions of classic dishes. The live music here adds to the historic charm. Don’t forget to raise a glass of Gluek Beer in celebration!

Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a foodie, or both, these Minneapolis gems promise an unforgettable experience. So, gather your friends, make a reservation, and let the melodies and flavors weave their magic. Bon appétit! 🎶🍽️

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Discover the Taste of Minneapolis: Exclusive Food and Drink Deals!

Dive into the vibrant culinary scene of Minneapolis with our handpicked selection of food and drink deals. Whether you’re craving a gourmet dining experience, longing for the flavors of authentic Halal cuisine, or looking to indulge in some classic pub food and drinks, we’ve got you covered. At, we believe in celebrating the diverse tastes and flavors that Minneapolis has to offer without breaking the bank.


  1. Bullvino’s Churrascaria – Bloomington: Treat yourself and a special someone to an unforgettable dinner at Bullvino’s Churrascaria. Enjoy $50 towards a top shelf dinner menu for two or more adults at an urgency price, making your Brazilian steakhouse experience even more delightful. The servers are attentive, the food is impeccably seasoned, and the atmosphere promises a truly pleasant dining experience.

  2. New York Gyro: Explore the delicious offerings of Halal cuisine at New York Gyro with our special voucher. Renowned for its generous portions, quick service, and mouth-watering dishes, it’s an experience that will have you planning your next visit before you even leave.

  3. Crooked Pint Ale House: Gather your friends for a casual dining experience at Crooked Pint Ale House. Enjoy a significant discount on pub food and drinks, perfect for a relaxed evening out. It’s a local favorite for its great atmosphere and delicious offerings.

  4. Indian Masala-New: Embark on a culinary journey to India with Indian Masala-New. Avail yourself of a discount on a wide array of Indian dishes, celebrated for their big portions, quick service, and exceptional flavors. It’s a great pick for anyone looking to explore Indian cuisine.

  5. Angus Meat Market: For those who love to cook, Angus Meat Market offers a deal on gourmet food (retail). Stock up on high-quality meats, including the much-loved Sicilian Italian sausage, and make your next home-cooked meal unforgettable.

These exclusive offers are your ticket to exploring the best of Minneapolis’s food scene at a fraction of the cost. Don’t miss out on these limited-time deals – indulge in the culinary delights that Minneapolis has to offer and make every meal an adventure.

For more details and to take advantage of these amazing deals, visit Groupon’s Minneapolis Food and Drink section today. Experience the best dining options Minneapolis has to offer, from cozy neighborhood gems to luxurious dining experiences, all at an unbeatable value. Your taste buds (and wallet) will thank you!

Top 5 Restaurants in the Twin Cities: A Culinary Tour

The Twin Cities, encompassing Minneapolis and St. Paul, are renowned for their vibrant culinary scene, blending traditional flavors with innovative dining concepts. This blog post explores the top 5 restaurants that have captivated both locals and visitors alike, offering unforgettable dining experiences. Let’s embark on a gastronomic journey through the heart of the Midwest.

1. Alma: The Quintessence of Fine Dining

Short Description: Cafe Alma, located in a historic building, offers a unique blend of café, restaurant, and hotel, providing a comprehensive hospitality experience. Renowned for its meticulously crafted menu, Alma is a haven for those seeking an intimate dining experience with a focus on organic and locally sourced ingredients.

Menu Highlights: The restaurant features a seasonal menu with dishes like Wild Acres Duck Breast and Heirloom Corn Polenta, showcasing the chef’s commitment to flavor and sustainability.

Why Visit?: Alma’s attention to detail, from the ambiance to the plate, makes it a must-visit for special occasions or when seeking a truly refined culinary experience.

Reviews: 4.6 Star ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️   (1,817)

Map: Link

2. Martina: A Taste of Argentina

Short Description: Martina brings Argentinian flavors to the Twin Cities, offering a creative twist on traditional dishes. With a stylish interior and a lively atmosphere, Martina is perfect for those looking to explore South American cuisine in a modern setting.

Menu Highlights: The Empanadas and Grilled Octopus stand out, alongside inventive cocktails that complement the dining experience.

Why Visit?: For a lively evening out with friends or family, Martina’s vibrant energy and distinctive flavors promise a memorable night.

Reviews: Reviews:  Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  (1,633)

Map: Link

3. Spoon and Stable: Midwest Meets French Cuisine

Short Description: Housed in a beautifully restored horse stable, Spoon and Stable is a testament to Chef Gavin Kaysen’s culinary expertise, offering a fusion of Midwestern ingredients and French techniques.

Menu Highlights: Signature dishes include Bison Tartare and Honey & Lavender Glazed Duck, each prepared with a focus on local sourcing and seasonal freshness.

Why Visit?: Spoon and Stable’s unique setting, combined with its exquisite menu, makes it an essential stop for food enthusiasts and those celebrating special moments.

Reviews:  Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  (2,475)

Map: Link

4. Bar La Grassa: Italian Elegance

Short Description: This Italian powerhouse is known for its extensive pasta menu and vibrant atmosphere. Bar La Grassa combines classic Italian recipes with a modern touch, making it a favorite among pasta lovers.

Menu Highlights: The Soft Eggs and Lobster Bruschetta and the famed Gnocchi with Cauliflower and Orange are must-tries.

Why Visit?: Bar La Grassa’s lively ambiance and top-notch Italian fare make it ideal for a casual yet sophisticated dining experience.

Reviews:  Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  (2,114)

Map: Link

5. Tilia: The Neighborhood Gem

Short Description: Tilia, a cozy spot in the heart of a bustling neighborhood, offers a relaxed dining atmosphere with a menu that elevates comfort food to new heights.

Menu Highlights: The Fish Taco Torta and the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Thighs are standout choices, perfectly embodying Tilia’s approach to refined yet accessible cuisine.

Why Visit?: For a laid-back meal that doesn’t compromise on quality or flavor, Tilia is the go-to destination, perfect for family dinners or a casual date night.

Reviews: Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  (796)

Map: Link


The Twin Cities’ dining scene is as diverse as it is impressive, with each restaurant offering its unique take on culinary excellence. From the refined elegance of Alma to the vibrant flavors of Martina, there’s something for every palate. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, these top 5 restaurants are sure to provide a memorable dining experience that encapsulates the best of Minneapolis and St. Paul.


These references provide direct links to each restaurant’s official website, where you can explore menus, make reservations, and learn more about their culinary philosophy.

Discover Minneapolis’s Exciting Array of Upcoming Events

Discover Minneapolis’s Exciting Array of Upcoming Events

Introduction: Minneapolis beckons with its rich tapestry of events that celebrate art, culture, and community. From the dramatic stage to innovative art exhibits, there is a wealth of experiences waiting for you. Plan your visit with our guide to the latest and most exciting events happening around the city.


1. Theatrical Thrills: "Dial M for Murder"

2. Artistic Exploration: "Wonderlands: A Stained Glass Exhibition by Michael Lizama"

  • When and Where: February 9 – May 5, 2024, at 2213 Snelling Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404
  • Details: To plan your visit, check out the official event page.
Artistic Exploration: "Wonderlands: A Stained Glass Exhibition by Michael Lizama"

3. Family Adventure: "Alice in Wonderland"

Family Adventure: "Alice in Wonderland"

4. Home Inspirations: Minneapolis Home + Garden Show


5. Local Art Scene: "First Thursdays at Northrup King Building"

  • When and Where: Monthly event at The Northrup King Building, 1500 Jackson St. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413
  • Details: Learn more about the artists and event dates on the Northrup King Building’s site.
Local Art Scene: "First Thursdays at Northrup King Building"

6. Culinary Workshop: "Wine Blending Workshop"

Conclusion: Every event in Minneapolis is an opportunity to connect with the community and immerse yourself in new experiences. Whether you’re a theater buff, art lover, or food enthusiast, the city’s events calendar is brimming with activities to engage your passions.

Ready to explore these events and more? Head over to for comprehensive guides and insider tips to make the most of your Minneapolis experience. Embrace the local culture, support community events, and create unforgettable memories in the City of Lakes!

For the most current information and any potential changes to event details, please refer to the official event websites linked above. Always confirm the event status and ticket availability directly through the official channels before making any plans.

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Discover the Twin Cities: A Journey Through Minneapolis and Saint Paul

Discover the Twin Cities: A Journey Through Minneapolis and Saint Paul

Welcome to the Twin Cities, where the pulse of Minnesota thrives through the bustling streets of Minneapolis and the charming neighborhoods of Saint Paul. Whether you’re a first-time visitor eager to explore or a local looking for new experiences, this guide promises an insightful journey through the heart of the North Star State.

Minneapolis: The City of Lakes

Minneapolis, renowned for its beautiful lakes and vibrant arts scene, offers a blend of outdoor activities and cultural experiences. Here’s how to make the most of your visit:

The Chain of Lakes

Start your adventure with a bike ride around the Chain of Lakes. From Bde Maka Ska to Lake of the Isles, the scenic paths provide breathtaking views and a fresh perspective of the city. For those looking to relax, the beaches offer a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy Minnesota’s beautiful summers.

Arts and Culture

The Minneapolis Art Institute stands as a testament to the city’s rich cultural tapestry, offering diverse collections that span thousands of years. For a more contemporary twist, the Walker Art Center and its iconic Sculpture Garden showcase modern art pieces that challenge and inspire.

Dining and Nightlife

No visit to Minneapolis is complete without experiencing its dynamic dining scene. From the farm-to-table dishes at Spoon and Stable to the innovative tasting menus at Demi, the city’s restaurants reflect its melting pot of cultures. As night falls, the North Loop comes alive with bustling bars and lively music venues, promising a night to remember.

Saint Paul: The Capital City

Saint Paul, with its historic architecture and quaint cafes, offers a quieter but equally enriching experience. Here’s what not to miss:

Summit Avenue

Stroll down Summit Avenue, the longest avenue of Victorian homes in the nation, and step back in time. The James J. Hill House offers guided tours, revealing the history of Minnesota’s empire builders and the architectural marvels of the past.

Cultural Gems

The Science Museum of Minnesota and the Minnesota History Center offer interactive experiences that are both educational and fun for all ages. For a unique night out, check out the Fitzgerald Theater, hosting everything from live podcasts to music performances, encapsulating the artistic spirit of Saint Paul.

Hidden Gems

For those looking to explore off the beaten path, the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory provide a tranquil escape amidst exotic plants and animals. Meanwhile, the local cafes and bookshops in the Cathedral Hill neighborhood offer cozy retreats for a leisurely afternoon.

Join the Quest is more than just a guide; it’s an invitation to explore, discover, and connect with the Twin Cities on a deeper level. From personalized recommendations to exclusive quests, we’re here to help you unlock the magic of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

Embark on your journey today and see where it takes you. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or inspiration, the Twin Cities have something for everyone. Let’s explore together.

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